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One-On-One Consultations

Real sustainable change takes time. That is why our Signature Program is designed to support you over the course of 3 to 6 months. During each appointment, we address your main concerns and begin forging a new healthier path that you assimilate step-by-step. We also look at other areas of your life that may be affecting your health such as your emotional state.

Each session is focused on getting you feeling better with suggestions regarding food, supplements, life-style, and more.

Customized meal and wellness plans

A huge part of our health begins with what we put into our body and that starts with food! As a Registered Holisitic Nutritionist, I will find recipes that correspond to your current needs and likes. I will create meal plans with simple recipes and fun snacks that fit into your lifestyle.

You will also receive wellness plans with helpful suggestions around sleep, stress management, time management, “alone time”, and more. I have also created a list of full body relaxation and mindfulness podcasts that you can use anywhere and anytime.

Continuous Support + Empowerment

My role is to accompany you on your path towards whole body health. In addition to our consultations, I am available for questions or concerns via email.

Once a month, you may join our Monthly Workshops on Zoom! These are fun + educational workshops which may include: Cooking classes, food prep, pantry sweeps and more!

I ask lots of questions and want to fully understand you, so we can get you feeling great. Playing an active role in our own health is empowering and a big part of my mission.

Discovery Call ~ Free 30 min. video chat

Let’s get to know each other! I want to hear your story, your main health concerns and objectives. We will discuss the best ways to optimize your health. If we are a good match, then you may join our Signature Program.

who do i help?

The Highly Driven

Are you a highly driven person who is told you are Type A or a Perfectionist? I will give you small things you can incorporate each day that give big results and do not overwhelm. Letting go is not easy but we can work on it for your health’s sake!

The Already Aware

Are you already aware of your health and your mental state but just need a plan and a person to whom you can be accountable? We will get you feeling good and on that whole body path…you are literally a step away!

The Overthinkers

Are you someone that overthinks things, is easily overstimulated, and/or has a hard time falling asleep? Our busy minds and our sleep play a huge role in our health! I can relate 100% and have many solutions for different situations.

The Hopelessly Bloated

Are you uncomfortable and bloated no matter how many times you change your diet? Are you having a hard time with your weight even though you are active? We will assess these concerns and get you eating fun and easy things without the inconveniences!

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