Health Insurance for Nutritional Counselling – FAQS

Does my insurance cover a nutritionist?

A number of health insurance plans and extended healthcare benefits offer annual registered nutritionist coverage.

Please check with your insurance provider to see if you have nutritionist coverage as part of your benefits.This benefit is often called “Nutritional Counselling.”

If you check your health insurance company website, you will often find the coverage listed under paramedical services and is referenced as:  Nutritional Counselling.

Some insurance providers require that you submit Nutritional Counselling services under “personal spending account” or “health spending account.” Please ask them about this if it is unclear.

The following insurance companies recognize the services of Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioners registered with the Canadian Association of Natural Nutrition Practitioners (CANNP) under ‘nutrition’ or ‘nutritional counselling’ services:


GreenShield Canada

ClaimSecure Inc.


Blue Cross Alberta


iA Financial Group

Equitable Life

How does invoicing work?

If you would like to submit a claim to your insurance company, we can provide an invoice upon payment of each session or package. The invoice includes our CAANP registration number and the services of Nutritional Counselling. You can then submit it for reimbursement.

Our Responsibility

Please note that we are able to provide invoices to you under ‘nutrition’ or ‘nutritional counselling’ services. All insurance claim submissions and reimbursements are managed solely by you and your insurance company.

Questions To Ask Your Insurance Company 

We strongly encourage all clients to call their health insurance company or extended healthcare benefits provider and ask the following questions:

1. Do I have annual coverage for a Registered Nutritionist (and Nutritional Counselling)?

2. What is my annual coverage? For ex: $500/yr maximum. The coverage limit varies from one health insurance company to the next.

3. Do you cover 100% of the consultation fees? Some health insurance plans may cover only a portion of the cost (ex: 80% per consultation).

4. When does my plan reset or roll-over? Most health insurance plans follow the calendar year schedule, meaning they begin on January 1st and end on December 31st, of the given year. Being aware of this information allows you to get the most of out of your coverage.

Health Spending Account

In addition to insurance coverage for paramedical services, a number of companies, organizations and institutions offer health spending accounts to their employees. Please check with your workplace to see if you have a health spending account.

Health spending accounts offer reimbursements for a variety of health-related expenses, including nutritionists.